Framing Risk through Business Processes

The Organizational Risk Frame is important as it sets the tone and perspective of everything that follows – both in terms of methodology as well as ongoing risk monitoring. One approach that is on top of the minds of many leaders in the Security discipline is the idea of framing risk around the business processes themselves.

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Matt Linde
IAM, MFA, PAM - Where to start?

Security hacking intensity in today’s world has increased to such a point now to reduce the effectiveness of typical approaches to Identity and Access Management (IAM) prioritization. IAM is no longer simply about compliance or IT automation.

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IOR Team
Data Risk Management

Data Risk Management is a business-focused approach to understand risks inherent in data usage. It helps us answer questions such as:

  • What usage presents the most risk?
  • What data needs better protection?
  • What is the impact of loss?
  • Who is using my data?
  • Are we focusing our resources in the right place?
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