New Product Offering: Data Inventory Manager

Today, we continue to have record levels of cybersecurity breaches no matter how many tools we implement and how many millions we spend in the name of keeping our data safe. 

At IOR we look at the problem differently. Good cybersecurity isn’t a function of how much money is spent - but how well it is spent. Appropriate spending is dependent upon the quality of information available to decision makers. 

IOR Insight’s latest feature "Data Inventory Manager” solves the problem to help organizations quickly get the data they really need to step back and strategically make better data privacy and protection investments. 

Managing your data inventory and classification should be implemented as an operational activity to maintain an accurate understanding as business usage changes, regulatory environments evolve, and enterprise priorities change. Your data owners are the best source of information when it comes to what data they use and how it should be classified. The information is out there, but it is difficult to involve them efficiently and consistently. And the burdensome nature of maintaining this information ultimately leads organizations to make due without this visibility when planning their program and spending - An approach which is not achieving the effectiveness and responsiveness we need in the data privacy and protection industry. 

IOR Insight builds on its existing rich data risk management platform a unique solution to help your organization work together more efficiently to understand your data across your business units. Its simple and powerful technology helps you engage data owners at scale and efficiently incorporate their knowledge to keep your understanding of data usage and corresponding risk up to date over time without the usual heavy burden.

For a discussion about your challenges and demonstration of how we can address them, please contact our Customer Operations leader, Carlos Aguirre at [email protected]

About IOR

IOR Insight (based in Houston, TX) is the first company to bring to market its powerful platform to associate business processes, data usage, and actionable risk intelligence. Our patent pending approach and technology allows organizations to bring disparate silos of information together to better understand the how their business processes, vendor choices, and technology usage create risks so they can strategically manage or eliminate those risks. Combined with its integration capabilities, IOR Insight is the most important investment an organization can make because visibility of data usage and risks is a critical ingredient to confidently right-size investments in business process re-engineering, digital transformations, and requisite security controls.

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