First step to a Zero Trust Model

If your organization is considering implementing a Zero Trust Model, a clear view of the business processes and sensitive data usage is an important first step. IOR Insight makes it possible to implement those first critical steps to model data flow and sensitive data usage in a business context.

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ArticlesCarlos Aguirre
DLP Reconsidered

There is generally a lack of understanding of the business relevance of the data protection strategy and we also see a weakness in being able to understand the scope of business processes that use/create sensitive data. These weaknesses if addressed can make it possible to align a DLP solution to maximize its value and the return on the (usually sizable) investment that has been made.

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Daniel Kim
IOR equals ROI

In a previous post we shared a perspective on analyzing risks through a business lens. There is definitely effort involved but we believe there is a real ROI associated with using IOR Insight in your operational risk management activities.

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Matt Linde